7 Incredible Puzzles to Gift Your Kids

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Kids love fun surprises and gifts! What can be more exciting than a fun custom puzzle? Now your little one will have loads of fun while exercising their brains! From princesses to Jungle animals, you can choose from a range of themes to gift them. These custom puzzles are also available for delivery all over Australia. Let us check out seven puzzles you can gift your kids!

Mermaid kids puzzle: Now bring the magic of the underwater seas right into your homes! These mermaid puzzles make the perfect gift for your kids. They come in four wonderful designs in packs of 30 and 60 puzzle pieces. They make great gifts for birthdays and mermaid-themed parties. These puzzles are priced between approximately $29 to $32.

Packed in a black gift box, watch in wonder as your favorite nephew or niece opens his present to reveal this pretty puzzle. Each puzzle comes in an exciting shade of pink, purple and blue.

Princess puzzle:

Proudly made in Australia, these bunch of three jigsaw puzzles with a princess theme will excite your kids to no end! Your kids will have days of fun as they figure out how to put together their princess jigsaw puzzle.

They are popular gifts for children during Christmas and range from 12 to 1000-piece puzzles. These puzzles are great as a mental exercise for children and can help improve their attention to detail.

Fish Jigsaw puzzles:

Perfect for all you sea-loving mates out there! This amazing underwater fish puzzle is a great gift for kids who love marine life. Now pick from 4 soothing designs for your little passionate puzzler! The puzzles materials are all locally sourced and made since 2013. We believe in supporting local businesses as well as increasing the spatial and visual skills of kids all over Australia. So, place an order for your favorite puzzle anywhere in Australia today!

Unicorn puzzles:

Are your kids’ fans of fairies and unicorns? Then it is the perfect gift for them! See the smiles on their faces as they get excited unwrapping their gift. Your kids will be busy for hours on end with these exciting puzzles.

They are fun to play along with and increase productivity and shape recognition while being sustainable. Quite a unique gift idea, they are affordable at $28.25 to $31.95. You can buy them in 30 or 60-piece sets of jigsaw puzzles.

African animals’ puzzles:

Straight from the hot savannahs of Africa, our exciting puzzles will excite your kids to no end! Made from materials sourced from local Australian businesses, these jigsaw puzzles are great for kids. They help develop good motor skills while crafting your child’s inventiveness!

You can choose from many jigsaws puzzle patterns and have them delivered in almost all parts of Australia. Order from their custom thirty or sixty-piece sets for an entertaining time!

Pirate ship jigsaw puzzle:

Aye! Aye! Me mateys! Coming all the way from the raging seas to the shallow coasts, these pirate ship puzzles are perfect for the fans of Jack Sparrow! Even if you are on a budget, get these lovely puzzles in Australia for four interest-free fortnightly payments.

So go ahead and order one for your kid as a graduation present. They will enjoy solving it for hours with his other mates. These affordable jigsaw puzzles come at reasonable prices and in different puzzles sets with a varying number of pieces.

Farm Animal Puzzle:

This cute puzzle set is apt for younger kids from the ages of 5 to 8. They come in many designs, these farm animal puzzles feature sheep, cows, goats, and many more! They will help kids improve their memory and problem-solving skills at very young ages.

You can choose from 30 to 1000 jigsaw puzzle pieces, and they make great presents for birthdays and Christmas.

Puzzles are a great way to make your kid feel special on their birthday or other occasions. They also make a good distraction during long road trips. Get the thousand-piece puzzles and have each member solve a separate section to make it more fun. These charming puzzles will bring a smile to your kid’s face any time of the day!