A Guide to Inspecting a Used and Refurbished Phone

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Offering a high-quality customer experience, empowering everyone to get their hands on the latest smartphone or an upgrade to their personal device without paying brand-new retail prices, here at Tech Tiger, we pride ourselves on the grading system which allows us to clearly depict the condition and quality of every phone we sell.

Whether it’s a like-new tablet or a used iPhone 12 mini with a few marks on the case, transparency is a core driving force of our brand proposition and is what makes us a reputable and reliable reseller.

This is why we’ve created this guide to inspecting a used and refurbished phone for yourself – highlighting the key points to look out for to ensure that what you are buying really is worth its projected cost.

External Checks and how to conceal them.

The work that each device undergoes once it has been received by us is designed to optimise the condition of the phone in terms of both usability and presentation. While our grading system allows for minor marks provided that they don’t impact the workable nature of the phone, our team of experts are all fully versed in replacing screens as part of our comprehensive Phone Check process which works on levelling the look and usage of the phone. We may also replace the battery and will offer advice on selecting the best screen protector and phone case to conceal damage and protect the longevity of your phone.

Internal Checks and how we ensure optimum working quality.  

At Tech Tiger, the working condition of every refurbished phone is guaranteed, with all four levels of the grading system relating to external marks and any light wear and tear on the outer case of the phone rather than its workable quality.

One of the areas that we guarantee is a high battery life, with every device we sell offering an 80% battery life at a minimum for optimum usage. This is one of the most important things that consumers are advised to check before buying any secondhand phone or device, whether from a private reseller or an organisation like ours – that the battery has not diminished beyond reasonable wear and tear.

Other internal checks that are used to guarantee the condition of a phone or device include checking the activation lock is turned on (a feature which allows you to check the device wasn’t stolen) and snapping a quick test picture with the camera to make sure that the lens is still in good, working order.

Our Grading System.

The Tech Tiger grading system is designed to make it as easy as possible for suppliers and sellers to tell us what condition every device they wish to sell to us is in; with this information also provided to buyers to complete the cycle of transparency and honesty.

When you’re dealing with the secondhand tech market, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting with your purchase and we’re here to help make the process more efficient for everyone.