Excellent Technology from Robatech for Cold Glue Application

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Application of cold glue can be considered as relatively safe. It does not involve high temperature so there is no risk of any accidents during the application process. Thus, it is quite common to find direct application of cold glue. However, these are no longer effective and efficient for industries. It may be safe, but it takes time and quality of the glue application is not good enough. Meanwhile, industry needs faster process and better quality in term of precision and strength of the glue application. In this case, Robatech provides contact-free method of cold glue application that can save time and improve productivity. The great performance can be found in Sempre 15 and Sempre 30.

Great Precision and Speed in Cold Glue Application

Sempre stands for Sped, Electro, Mini, and Precision. From the abbreviation, speed and precision becomes one of the main concerns provided by Robatech in Sempre 15 and Sempre 30. Speed in glue application can be achieved because it no longer involves direct contact of human in the process. The processes are conducted by machine so it can achieve better speed. The machine speed is much higher than speed of human hands and it is great benefit for the industry. Then, precision is provided by its nozzle. With its machine speed and great design of nozzle and, application of cold glue on various surfaces will no longer become problem and the tasks can be executed quickly.

Good Durability of Sempre 15 and Sempre 30

High speed and precision is surely great. These two points can bring efficiency and effectiveness in cold glue application to higher level of productivity. Even if it is excellent, most people may have some worries regarding its maintenance. It involves machinery works and it will always work in high performance so it is normal if people have some concerns regarding its durability and maintenance. Fortunately, Sempre 15 and Sempre 30 from Robatech are built to become durable technology. It uses stainless steel and other durable material to provide longer duration of services. Moreover, its maintenance is simplified by some mechanisms from Robatech. For example, it is CleanStart nozzle cover that will be useful to prevent the adhesive or glue from drying and blocking the nozzle.