How has the internet positively impacted human society?

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In general public there are less enthusiastic about the internet effects on politics when compared to other fields. In which the median of just 36% says that internet is positive for the society while there is also bad influence in it. Nowadays people are leerier about the internet effect on morality where it is believed that 29% of people say internet is a good influence for the morality while 42% says it is bad influence. These sentiments are fairly found to be constant across the countries surveyed. Highly educated persons and secondary education people say internet is a positive influence for the society and country compared to the people with less education.

True fact is that internet technology is recognized to be more powerful building for societies around the world where this is found to be biggest positive though when it comes to the unity and awareness. At the same time the power of internet technology has been misused by some groups of people, companies and communities. So, this made the people to be concerned about the privacy of their uses and this is stated as biggest negative impact of the internet onto the society. The internet technology globally connects the people on online where it is referred as robotic society.

Positive impact of internet technology to the society


Internet is found to be guiding technology for the people where it has been influencing in the development of all business fields. It has been offering the positive impacts to the life of people and in the society in the life of people and society. The following are list of positive impacts of the internet to society.

  • It provides you the best and effective communication using the instant messaging and emailing services to any part of the world.
  • Internet technology improves your business transaction and interactions by saving the time
  • After internet development, online shopping and banking on online have made the life less complicated and easy one to lead.
  • Education has received the huge boost and development as you can access uncountable journals and books available on online. This in turn has made the research easier and students can now opt for the online courses for developing their knowledge apart from subject studies.
  • With the help of internet technology now you can access the latest news, movies and songs from any part of the world without depending on newspaper or television.
  • Job seeking and hiring has also become easier as most of the company vacancies are advertised on online along with the online application
  • Now the professionals can exchange materials and information on online thus enhancing the research works and habits digitally.

However, those who are taking part in misusing the internet are few and far. On the global scale, the internet technology development has been offering the positive impact to human society in recent years. Thus, it proofs that internet is a big boo mand brings the positive impact to the human society also it helps in developing the society towards the development and reach of bigger goals digitally.