How To Select the Size of Dog Leads? 5 Points to Consider

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Dog leads can be somewhat tricky to buy. More so for new pet owners. If the lead is too short, it may choke your puppy. While too long and they get entangled in it. So how do we know which leads us to buy for our furry friends?

Before buying a lead, you must measure your dog’s neck. Also, measure the chest area and add a couple of inches. Depending on the breed of your dog, this may vary. Also, keep in mind the material of the lead. It should not be too rough and hurt your dog. Consider getting a customised dog collar complete with their name and your phone number. Another tip is to get retractable leashes if your pet pooch is the active kind.

Once you consider all the above factors, keep in mind to choose a good brand that comes within your budget. Let us look at these factors in detail now.

· Size of the harness and collar

You need to measure your dog’s neck first to figure this out. Use your dog’s old collar or a measuring tape. Also, remember to keep enough space to slide two fingers under the collar. Dogs with thicker fur may need more length.

Place an order for a customised dog collar with the measurements you obtained. Next, measure your dog’s chest for the harness, right behind the front legs. It can range from 12″ to 38″ based on your dog’s size. You can wrap a tape measure around your dog for this and leave room for an extra fur coat during cold winters.

· Materials to consider

Your pooch must be comfortable in its harness over time. And the material of your lead also matters in this. The most common materials available are nylon, chain, and leather. While you can use rubber, it is not recommended for the dog’s skin.

The most popular material is nylon, as it is sturdy and durable. It can endure sudden pulls and does not wear out over time. On the other hand, leather is a bit pricey but very durable. However, they cannot withstand chewing and need careful maintenance. Thin chains are a good option for stronger breeds that chew through the lead. They are difficult to chew through and thin enough to prevent discomfort.

· Type of dog leads

There are three main kinds of leads for dogs. Depending on your budget and need, you can create customised dog collars and leads.

o Retractable leads: These are great for disciplined dogs who like a little leeway without running away too far. The pooches can easily pull away from their owner to a certain distance and retract.

o Standard leads: These are the leashes you find commonly. They have lengths from 4 to 8 feet and are made of a solid material. You can even get them in reflective material for the night or early morning walks.

o Adjustable leads: This is a hybrid of the outlined two kinds. Adjustable leashes are available in 3 to 6 feet lengths. They are easily adjustable by adding or removing loops or clips to the lead length. It is a great option if you want a lead suited for long walks and longer-length training ones.

· Thickness and colour

Depending on the dog and its breed, the thickness can vary. A thicker lead will be ideal if your dog loves to chew on the lead. Some even like to pull and stretch against the lead. Thicker leads prevent wear over time from such sudden jerks. You can get personalised dog collars complete with your favourite colour.

· Function and length

Finally, what is the purpose of getting a lead for your dog? Will you be training with them? Or is it just going to be long walks for the two of you? You may even want to do some adventure sports together. Understanding your need for a leash and its purpose will help you choose the length better.

Longer leads are suitable for training and sporty activities. Medium leads are a must for relaxing walks or playtime at the park or beach. Your dog gets more leeway to frolic around that way. The best leads for training are 8 to 10 feet long. At the same time, 4 to 6 feet leads are a standard for walking in crowded cities.


Getting a dog lead can be a confusing decision for most of us. We want our furry friends to be comfortable while keeping them from running off! Hopefully, some of these tips outlined above have given you a clearer picture. Visit our site on Smoochy Poochy to zero in on the best dog leads!