Selling Your Home in Loughton? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Loughton is an increasingly popular location on the current property market. Finding the right estate agents in Loughton could be key to ensuring that you have a stress-free move. You may also find the below home selling tips useful as you start to look at listing your home.

Location, location, location

One of the sure-fire ways to ensure that your house sells for a top price is to be based in a good location. Many homes in Loughton are located nearby to popular schools, universities and places of interest. A popular location could add value to your home, making it much more desirable to a broad range of potential buyers. When purchasing a property, it is also advisable to check the location and transport links as this could make you additional profit if you decide to sell at a later date.

Finding a Loughton estate agent

It is important to research estate agents in the local area before jumping in with both feet. A good Loughton estate agent will know the local area inside out and be able to advise you on recent selling prices in your area. A knowledgeable estate agent will also be able to communicate to potential buyers exactly what is nearby to the property and to sell it to their best ability. An estate agent who knows the area well will also have a client list filled with people who are looking for homes just like yours.

Home improvements to make before selling

Before selling your house, there are a few home improvements that you can make. These simple and quick fixes could attract buyers and help them to see the true potential and value in your home. Giving potential buyers the vision required to move forward with a fast sale is easier than expected. Some simple updates to consider include:

General tidying and de-clutter

You don’t need to spend endless time or money on your house before putting it on the market. However, it is important to showcase it in a clean and uncluttered state. You should allow potential buyers to visualise the floor space and how they could best utilise this themselves. You could also think about cleaning the carpets and polishing floors, to bring them back to their original state if these could prove to be an asset. High-quality carpets and polished wooden floors could show buyers that there is no need to replace these immediately.

Home improvements and maintenance

If there are general maintenance fixes that you have been putting off, then now is the perfect time to tackle them, or to call in a professional.

Creating a blank canvas

If you have a home that is overly ‘busy’ with patterns and bold colours, it could be advisable to tone these down to a more natural shade. This allows buyers to envision what they could do with the space. Cream and white walls tend to make spaces look larger than they really are, whilst feature walls add colour that buyers can see as easily changeable.