What Are Paintings by Numbers

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If you look closely at a painting – landscape, abstraction or still life, it becomes clear that it consists of many sweeping, barely noticeable, shades of strokes. The complex of these multicolored spots consists of the talent of the author-artist in a strange kaleidoscope of creation. If the color palette of such spots is decomposed into separate components, numbering each color, then painting a picture becomes not particularly difficult, but an exciting, creative task.

On the complete set of paintings by numbers from the primed canvas, the area of each numbered color is separated by a thin border. This zone should be filled in with the specified color. At the same time, all the colors necessary to work on a particular painting are included in the initial set of the set, as well as the corresponding brushes.

The variety of such paintings presented today is surprising. These are very simple children’s coloring pages, representing simple drawings with a few basic colors and incredibly complex paintings: portraits, images of wild animals, water landscapes, reproductions of famous canvases. They consist of many shades of colors and dozens, hundreds of areas of color.

The principle of working on the acquired painting by numbers is extremely simple — it is necessary to fill in all the available areas with an identical number with the color indicated in the accompanying instructions. For example, when certain places of the future painting are numbered with the number 16, they are colored with the color that is in the paint jar with this number. The image on the canvas before work looks like a particularly bizarre cobweb with a lot of numbers. However, after the start of the case, a color picture gradually begins to emerge, which acquires depth, volume, and plot step by step. Upon completion, it becomes a full-fledged masterpiece, especially if a little imagination is attached to the work, for example, there were some experiments with colors, unplanned brushstrokes were added or details that seemed insignificant to the artist were omitted.

This drawing technique makes it possible for everyone who cherished a dream to learn how to draw, to create strangely beautiful paintings without having artistic training. This approach is admirable, it is able to teach art, to attract to the rapid flow of creative experiments. Their result will be not only the acquisition of an original decorative design element, but also a reason for a certain pride in their own work.