Wood Burning Hot Tub and Its Great Values

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If you love bathing in warm water, you can consider having your own hot tub. You may feel that bath tub in your bathroom is not enough for you to enjoy the bathing. That is why it is good decision to purchase hot tub. It is dedicated for you so you can enjoy the great time in enjoying the warm water. You can sink your body into the water and relax to release your stress. Wood burning hot tub from RG Hot Tubs becomes good choice. You can have options of hot tubs in the manufacturer and all of them are in good quality. You will get great durability where the hot tub can last for many years, and it is simple to use. Even, you do not need to use much effort for its maintenance.

Excellent Sturdiness of Wood Burning Hot Tub


Sturdiness and durability become the key point when it talks about quality of the hot tub. These two points are also important since the manufacturer designs the hot tub to be exterior or outdoor hot tub. It can be placed in the garden, but you may also place it inside your house. There will not be big problem. Thus, it has good material that will handle situations in the outdoor area. It has spruce wood as the external parts of the hot tub. It is great wood with good strength and durability even when it has to deal with water and temperature. Sturdiness is also found in its tub. It uses the fiberglass shell. This is strong and durable even it has to hold huge volume of water and great water pressure. It is designed and manufactured so there will not be any leakage issues even after it is used for many years. Moreover, it has good material characteristic that can deliver the heat faster, so it shortens the duration to heat the water.

Complete Set in the Package of Wood Burning Hot Tub

When you purchase the unit of hot tub, you will get complete set. The main part is its hot tub. It already includes the log burner, and you can choose between the external and integrated log burner. Integrated log burner is faster in heating the water and it is one of considerations in making the choice. Then, it has cover or lid to protect the inside of the tub so there will not be any leaves that enter the tub. It has chimney and 2-meter flue so there will be no problems from the burning process. Moreover, you can get paddle that you will need to stir the water. Even, you can get wooden steps to help you when you want to enter the hot tubs. All complete parts are provided in the package when you purchase it.

Some Preparation for Wood Burning Hot Tub

When you have purchased the hot tub, you need to make some preparations before the hot tub reaches your location. In fact, the main part is about location where you are going to place the hot tub. First, it should be quite far from your main building or any flammable materials since you will need log burner. Then, you need to make sure that you prepare strong ad solid foundation for the hot tub. It is better to have wooden foundation or cast concrete. These will be enough to hold the weight and it becomes flat surface.